Frequently Asked Questions

NIB - Frequently Asked Questions.


1.       What is the meaning of  ' NIB '?

A.      The name 'NIB' is combination of the names NIMA & BHARAT which are the name of mother & father of our director. As a computer engineering background, he has decided this name for his software company but later when he started a school then he gave the name NIB to his dream project of education.           


2.       Which classes do you give admission for?

A.      Usually, std 1-10 Gujarati Medium, 9th &10th English medium, 11-12th Science in Gujarati and English medium and in whichever semester there is seat. Our aim is to limit the no. of children in each class to 50.


3.       Do NIB have transport facility?

A.      Yes. Buses ply major drop off and pick up points, both within a couple of meters of your residence.


4.       How often can I visit my child's teachers?

A.      Anytime. The more you take an active interest in school, the happier your child and we are! In addition, if you wish to discuss your child's progress in detail with any specific subject teacher, you make an appointment through the class teacher at time suitable to both of you. You can also come at recess time when teachers are available to meet.


5.       Is there any facility for lunch?

A.      Yes. NIB has a canteen where morning breakfast and lunch served to students and  teachers everyday. Lunch is provided in school on payment and is optional.


6.       Does NIB send progress report?

A.      Of course. NIB sends monthly report card in every month. Monthly report card  includes the detail of all test results and monthly exam results.  


7.       Does NIB send marks to SMS?

A.      NIB sends all marks which has obtained in weekly and monthly tests.


8.       Does NIB arrange exam every week?

A.      Of course. Test is the key by which we can examine the study progress of  students. NIB is the school which takes more than 100 tests in each semester in every subject.


9.       What should NIB do to cover a syllabus of a student who was absent?

A.      In every month ending NIB sets a revision class. Students who are absent or feel difficulty in particular topic they have to learn in this time.


10.     What is the School uniform?

A.      The uniform blends with black trouser, light pink shirt with maroon tie. In winter, they have to wear black blazer marked with ' NIB ' logo. They have to wear black sport shoes. The girls have to wear black skirts or trouser with light pink shirt and maroon tie. All these are available in school.


11.     Does NIB have facility to prepare students for competitive exam like JEE- MAIN, JEE-ADVANCE, BITSAT, GUJCET, AIPMT?

A.      Yes. NIB is the school where learning has no limit. NIB has faculties from KOTA  which are enabling students to crack competitive exams. There no need to get coaching form outside the school.


12.     Does NIB arrange tours or picnic?

A.      Yes. NIB arranges four days tour and 2-3 educational visit every year.


13.     What kind of co-curricular activities NIB does?

A.      NIB does science activities like rocketry workshop, Science model making,science drama, science quiz etc. in every year.


14.     Is there any support system in NIB by which Students get to know more about their subjects?

A.      Yes. NIB has Educomp smart class enabled classrooms and Gujarat's first 3D Lab which gives detailed knowledge to the students.


15.     Is there hostel facility in NIB?

A.      Yes. NIB has AC hostel in its campus with all facilities.


16.     Before I decide to put my child in do I get to visit the space, the campus speak to teachers?

A.      Of course! Please contact one of the school representatives, Mehul Raval or Principal Sunil Chauhan to inform them of when you will be coming.


                   Mehul Raval: 73 83 0000 83

                   Email ID :











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